Our Story

Last year our life changed with our first baby girl. She was unexpected the biggest, cutest and beloved surprise.

We remember days when we were lost what to buy as a gift when visiting friends with newborns or kids. Now it changed and we were the one receiving baby clothes, toys and some small treatments for parents.

But one gift was exceptional. I remember when I saw it, I was wondering about the soft quality, great design and it was even personalized with our daughter name, her birth date, height and weight details. Our first personalized baby blanket. That night I could not sleep very well.

Next morning I woke up with the idea of giving these unique personalized blankets to our friends as a gifts for their kids. All of them were without exception very happy, telling us how excellent gift we gave them. From that moment I knew exactly what I wanted to do.

And here we are, being exclusive seller for Luxembourg and Belgium. We are very pleased to help you to make your closest one happy. Giving them unforgettable personalized gifts in their important life moments makes you being part of it. And in addition to all, blankets are made or 100% organic cotton, which is soft and gentle to sensitive skin of newborns.. They are certified with GOTS (Global Organic Textil Standard).



Ivica & family